Basic Cakes
Basic Cakes (eg. Round, Square, etc..), with simple embellishments including edible images (printed or painted), piping & light sugar-crafted bas relief work.

(Prices from $150 )

2D Cakes
Cakes with significant bas relief.

(Prices from $250 )

Decorated Cakes
Basic Cakes (eg. Round, Square, etc..), decorated with figurines. The figurines are finely sugar-crafted & painted. They may represent anything - Only limited by your imagination.

(Prices from $250 )

3D Cakes
Three Dimensional crafted cakes. These can be complicated to construct & often contain internal supports. They tend to attract a high cost because of the labor involved in cake construction, but the additional cost is easily matched by a realistic result.

(Prices from $310 )

Elegant Creations
Specialized designs that require extensive sugar-crafting & construction effort. Considerable planning effort is required with a focus on artistic content - Any figurines supplied are designed to last for an extended period when stored correctly.

(Prices from $830 )

Wedding Cakes
Decorated multi-tiered with figurines appropriate for that important day. A large selection is available to meet a variety of tastes.

(Prices from $420 - Serves 70-80)

A large selection of decorated cupcakes.

(Prices from $5 - each)

Dolly Cakes
A plastic doll dressed with a heavily decorated cake ballgown.

(Prices from $175 )

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